March 12 to May 30, 2016

South of Spain, Volunteering at Finca la Sacristia

In 2016 I volunteered at the beautiful vegan and ecological Finca la Sacristia in the mountains, 60 kms east from Malaga.


Spots: Benaque, Macharaviaya, Rincón de la Victoria, Malaga, Nerja, Frigiliana, Caminito del Rey
If you want to read more beside the following summarize and to see more pictures of the trip, feel welcome to go to my former travel blog Eni&Coco on the road.
 If you want to have more informations about this project or if you want to volunteer there on your own, here the link to their homepage.
Highlights and experiences:
  • brilliant weather
  • working in the garden
  • cooking for the crew
  • Yoga lessons in the early morning before the work starts
  • relaxing and refreshing nature and the ocean arround and delicious vegan food
  • heard the first time of non violent communication from Marshal Rosenberg and I am now totally into it. Have a look on his very interesting and life changing videos on Youtube!! It’s one of the things I can recommand from deep inside my heart!
  • beautiful walks and talks
  • guitarplaying on the fire bond
  • I joined a raw food rainbow gathering
  • worked on the new bath house (plastering, cutting wood etc.)
  • in between some time on the beach
  • free hugging session in Malaga
  • fleemarket in Nerja
  • visiting Frigiliana – famous as one of the most beautiful villages of Spain
  • and don’t forget the naked fighting against / playing with the waves
  • visited the amazing Caminito del Rey
  • …..and met so many amazing people
2 1/2 months full of interesting work, so much things I learned, people I met, inspiring talks, more than amazing nature and a lot of music.
And thanks again to all of the great people I had the pleasure to share time and talks with during my stay… what would travelling be without the people you meet and which influence you in your growing:
You all have a place in my little heart… Cat Anitt, Don Maikel, David Vincent Maisano, Malte Møller Madsen, Niels Lund Pedersen, Niels Peter Jørgensen, Nat Alie, Jennifer, Ania, Alma, Bruno, Hans Van Camper, Hannes, Maria, Wolfgang von Boyen, Charlie Uldahl Christensen for making it possible to come here, Gerlind Günther, Thomas, Lien Boelen, Beau Diamond, Marnix, Sammy, Shiva, Jannes, Nicole, Christoph …. and all the people I forgot 🙂