January 17 to February 9, 2017


3 1/2 weeks with Rose and Bjorn on the road in Mexico from La Paz to Mexico City. Very nice trip with some troubles in between 🙂

After my unexpected stay in Cuba I finally made it to La Paz, Mexico to meet Bjorn who waited since 2 days for me to arrive. He is all year long on the road as The Social Traveller (www.thesocialtraveler.net or Facebook and Instagram). I met him last year on the travel gathering in Amsterdam and he invited me to come on board for a part of his travel with an old VW van (Rose) from Canada to Panama (!).

We started off to a little road adventure with amazing coasts and beaches, sleeping in wonderful and cozy Rose on the beach under the stars filled sky and seeing whales.

After 1 week we arrived on a beautiful campsite where we spend spontaniously nearly 10 days … wonderful place on the beach, nice neighbours, who welcomed us the first morning with coffee and gave us the key to her caravan to use the kitchen the whole time whenever we want… such a peaceful place. I had time to practice my guitalele, to read write and arrive mentally.

Afterwards we hedded further back to La Paz to enjoy the city, take the chance to give Rose to a garage to fix some stuff and finally to take the ferry to Mazatlan. La Paz is definitely a nice place to stay but for sure a little more touristic than I prefer… and the whole penensula seems to be the place to be for retired US citizens. We found two sweet hostels to stay, the first is a very comfortable place run by an Asian family and called Pension Baha Paradise, the second place is a little hippie oasis, called California something :).

After three days we hedded via the ferry to Manzatlan and it seems that I overcome my seasickness, I survived a 13 hours ferry trip to the main land of Mexico without feeling bad (perhaps only a little bit due to the fact that we spend the evening the whole time in the bar of the ferry 😉 with Oscar, the Mexican sailormen.
On the next day we met Lia and Lina, two hitchhiking girls from Switzerland and Letvia and took them with us for two days. We crossed Tepic, Guadalajara and Tequila to finally arrive in Mexico City.
In between the car broke down several times, we had the pleasure to meet a lot of helpful people due to this, ate tasty Mexican food, got totally drunk in Tequila, got robbed in Guadalajara (they broke in the car, left a mess and stole the backpacks, that sucks a little bit, but things like this can happen when you travel).
In Mexico we stayed with some really nice friends of Bjorn.
All in one Mexico was a real interesting trip and traveling with Bjorn was fun and teached me a lot. After being on the road together for 3 1/2 weeks I took my flight in Mexico City to Panama… the next adventure is waiting there for me.

Lots of love and see u in Panama.