January 15 to 17, 2017

Havanna, Cuba

Two days in this beautiful city that I visited by accident due to a missed flight 🙂


This trip was absolutely by accident. Due to the snow in Germany the flight had a delay so I missed my next two flights in Havanna, Cuba. A little bit hard to get an internet connection in Havanna, but with a little help of my friends I was able to get new flights for two days later and that meant, I had to do something with my time in Havanna… so exploring and having a look around.

I stayed for the time being in Havanna in the lovely, helpful and English speaking ‘Hostal Marques de Liz’ near the old part of the city and did a lot of walks around.
After the first shock of being stranded I definitely felt in love with Havanna. It’s such a nice and colorful city… and the streets are covered with those old Hollywood movie cars, how could I not love it! So like I already experienced so many times during my travels: so many great things and trips come unexpected when your former plans go ‘wrong’. So Havanna is definitely a city to recommend from my point of view and I will try to get back one day to discover more of Cuba.
Enjoy the pictures and as always: lots of love to all of you!