July 29 to 31, 2016

International Travel Gathering in Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was a great weekend with sightseeing of Amsterdam, a lot of interesting presentations, informations about travelling and inspiring discussions on the travel gathering.

All together the weekend was worth it to take this long ride, althought there were some issues and a needed host change in the beginning😱 … not everything works everytime well … but in the end after the first evenig and night I got a great host and had a short but impressing and good time!

  • saw a bit of Amsterdam especially the ‘red’ streets at night … and we don’t care about rain! 😉
  • enjoyed the little canals (but not on a boat, only watching from the side … I still have too much problems with my seasickness… I definetly have to work on this issue)
  • joined partly the program of the gay festival which was parrallel in Amsterdam, free open cinema in the streets with gay and/or art film
  • met Michael from Finca la Sacristia again and we had a lot to talk 💚😄
  • from Friday to Sunday, of course, I joined the alternativ travel gathering for which I came to A’dam:
    • a lot of open discussions and speaches about travelers, digital nomads, how to finance travels, how to organise and connect while travelling low budget, different destinations, the purpose of a travel life etc. ….

Everything so inspiring that I nearly forgot to take any pictures, so sorry for only some image impressions! My head is full of impressions and I can’t wait to inform myself more about certain topics, to include them into my future travels and to throw some mind maps out of my head on a pice of paper 😊 …
… all in one a great – in the beginning a bit stressful – weekend in Amsterdam with a lot of great inspirations, people and at the end good weather. Thanks especially Vincent for saving my weekend by hosting me last minute and making my time so cool and easy.
And now I’m looking forward to see little Coco in a few hours again 💚💚 …. thousand thanks to RenĂ© and Matthias for taking care of her!!!

… and thanks to my nice Blablacar connection… due to him and his car music list, I will be perfectly introduced into the German gangster rap music after this drive 🙊🙉🙈 … ‘Alter, Stress, jetzt bin ich im Gerichtssaal … ich habe nur so lange geredet, weil ich schon so lange geschwiegen hab… yeah, yeah … Bruder, wie konnte es nur so weit kommen’ 😂