April 21 to May 1, 2016


… little adventurous trip to Morocco… this time without Coco but therefore with David, the adventurous Australien guy 😉….

Spots: Tanger, Chefchaouen, Fès, Sahara, Asilah

Highlights and experiences:

  • hiking  to a waterfall
  • wonderful blue oasis Chefchaouen
  • lots of cats
  • with the languages English and French you can properly survive here
  • lots of colorful stores with spices, wool, leather, cloths, music instruments, jewls… all the beautiful handcrafts… and of course the carpets… how could I forget the carpets 😄…. but we made it out of the city without one, was not that easy (I tried it myself to work on a carpet)
  • a tile-photographing David
  • lots of colorful donkeys in the city
  • delicious morrocon food… we love the tagines!
  • monkey feeding
  • a night in the desert including Beduin food and music
  • camel riding
  • being sick
  • enjoying the beaches by doing long walks (and trying not to get to angry about all the garbage at the beaches and in the nature directly arround Asilah)
  • collecting of broken tiles
  • discovering the small and cute Medinas and the harbours including fish market

It was a great trip and definitely worth visiting. And I also felt safe being alone in the streets in the bigger cities as a blond European girl when I was discovering the places

without David!